teenage problems

As on today, we are progressing technically and retarding mentally.  the children are neglected due to over loaded life style.

parents do not have time to look after kids since they are busy in offices. unfortunately the adolescence lesson is introduced in 8th standard in Andhra Pradesh, india. this is very tender stage where the student is more anxious to know the biological changes as well to experience the thrill of hormones illusion.  they prefer to avoid parents and join friends to share experiences. parents must view very carefully with our hurting them. they are prone to get  trapped by elderly predators. it goes unnoticed since the age gap is very large.

hence special attention must be paid to them. predators are mostly above 45 yrs. we must not hesitate to take corrective steps.

any thing can go wrong under the umbrella of modernisation/modern civilisation.


About yssubramanyam

i am a retired IAF person worked for 30 years. i have rendered selfless services and continue to render to humanity with moral and ethical value. i do not believe in superstitions, how ever i believe in terrestrial intelligence. Astro physical forces and cosmos intelligence is same in all matters, solids, liquids and gases. i always welcome masters because i am a learner.
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